Belgium Broadcast Specifications and Requirements

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✔ Belgium

To maintain a consistently high quality product, XR requires all material to be supplied to the following specifications:

Requirements at a glance

Unique identifier(s):

No standardised format but please limit the clock number to a maximum of 35 characters.

Please include your MBCID code on your order, see Other Important Info.

Pre/post roll required: No
Audio: EBU R.128-2014
Clearance: Managed by the broadcasters. No pre-approval is required. See Clearance for legal text guidance. 

Content Layout

For this region a clock/slate is not required

TVC only general.png

File Specification

  Preferred   Accepted
Format Apple ProRes 422HQ 1080/50 Uncompressed 8-bit YUV 1080/50   MPEG-2 Transport Stream 1080/50
Container MOV MOV   MPEG-2 Transport Stream
Video Codec Apple Quicktime ProRes 422 (HQ) Uncompressed 8bit YCbCr   MPEG-2
GOP - -   I Frame Only
Profile HQ -   422P@HL
Frame Size 1920x1080 1920x1080   1920x1080
Frame Rate 25 FPS 25 FPS   25 FPS
Scan Type Interlaced, Upper/Top Field First Interlaced, Upper/Top Field First   Interlaced, Upper/Top Field First
Aspect Ratio 16:9 16:9   16:9
Pixel Aspect Ratio Square Pixels (1.0) Square Pixels (1.0)   Square Pixels (1.0)
Video Bit Rate - -   100Mb/s CBR
Chroma 4:2:2 4:2:2   4:2:2
Audio Codec Integer (Little Endian) PCM Integer (Little Endian) PCM   PCM
Audio Bit Depth 24bit 16 bit / 24 bit   24bit
Audio Sample Rate 48kHz 48kHz   48kHz
Audio Bit Rate Uncompressed Uncompressed   Uncompressed

Title Safety

16:9 as per EBU R.95-2008

All graphics, text, and frame composition elements should be placed within the safe title area to prevent key content from being cut off.


Video Levels

All video signals should comply with ITU-R BT.709-5 and video signals should not exceed the specified limits.

Video levels should not exceed 700mV, or fall below 0mv

Luminance (Y) -1% and 103%
(ie between -7mV and 721mV)
RGB video levels -5% and 105%
(ie between -35mV and 735mV)

Out of gamut tolerance

Whilst XR and the Broadcasters will reject illegal video levels they understand there may be instances where it is difficult to completely avoid, and following EBU recommendation Rec.103-2000 will allow a small tolerance, assuming that no more than 1% of the active picture is in error.

Audio Levels

The loudness level of the programme material must be in agreement with the EBU R128-2014 directive, including the following delivery specifications:
EBU R.128-2014
• Integrated Loudness** Program : -23 LUFS
• Target Level Tolerance : +/- 0.5 LU
• Maximum True Peak : -1dBTP
• Maximum Momentary : -15LUFS

**'Integrated Loudness' is the definition for the target of the 'Programme Loudness' stated in metres in conformity with EBU Tech 3341.

Audio Channel Configurations

Channel # Audio
1 Stereo Left
2 Stereo Right


This region can only accept open/burnt in captions.

Audio Description

Audio Description isn't currently supported in this region.


Do you need help with clearance or regulatory compliance?

XR's Campaign Services teams can assist you! Please reach out to your local team for more information, additional fees apply.

Compliance checks are handled by the individual broadcasters once they receive the spot from XR, no pre-clearance required.

Commercials must conform to certain guidelines including the addition of specific legal lines:

All Alcoholic Products must include the following text (effective from 1st July 2024)

French : «L’abus d’alcool nuit à la santé»
Dutch: «Alcoholmisbruik schaadt de gezondheid»
German: «Alkoholmissbrauch schadet der Gesundheit» 
English : «Alcohol abuse harms your health» 

*Text should be readable and horizontally displayed for at least 5 seconds (positioning and font type are also specified)

Medicine and Health products (only for products available without doctors prescription)
Commercials are screened beforehand by the 'Commissie van Toezicht op de reclame voor geneesmiddelen' and need to obtain a ‘visa’ in order to be broadcast.

Other Important Info

When booking air time with Belgium stations, media planners will be provided with or will create a MBCID (Media Buying Campaign Identification) code which should be entered when you place your order. Whilst this is code is not yet mandatory, it is highly preferable that you supply the code to help the broadcasters match your file with the booking.

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