My Bookings and URN's

Creating a Job Ticket (using a publishers booking file).

The 'My Bookings'* Tab within Adsend will help you to manage your media schedules and speed up the process of creating job tickets to the publications that require mandatory URN numbers (Reach, UK, DMG, TMG, Hearst etc.

  1. Login to Adsend
  2. Once logged in visit the 'My Bookings' Tab which is located under 'Manage Jobs'.
    Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 14.50.20.png
  3. Using the filters provided specify a booking service and status. To view all your bookings please select ALL and ANY in these fields, you can also input a date range to limit your bookings and make it easier to find the one you need.
    Handy Hint: If you have received an email from a publisher with a booking number you can input this booking number/part booking number into the booking number field. 
  4. Once you have the booking that you want to send to, click onto the 'create job' action point.Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 14.55.04.png
  5. This will create a job ticket using the data from the publishers booking, including the mandatory booking number.
  6. Add any additional information and Save the Job ticket for later or upload a pdf into the ticket for immediate checking.
    Handy Hint: These jobs/tickets will then be moved to the 'Manage Jobs > Jobs tab for further tracking'.

Please Note: * Master user will need to be registered for MBX, for assistance with this or if you are unable to see expected bookings within the 'My Bookings' tab please contact us via chat or email

Adding a URN to a job that has failed due to mandatory booking requirement.

If you do not use the 'My bookings' Tab to create your tickets, it is possible your file may fail due to a missing Booking Number.

  1. Click onto the 'File Report' within Manage Jobs > Jobs window.
    Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 14.57.18.png
  2. This will show the report with the missing Booking Number failure.Screen_Shot_2021-06-16_at_12.39.32.png
  3. Scroll down to the red box, add the booking number and click 'update'.


*Please Note: The Booking Number metadata must match the publication name and sections in the job ticket to be a match and allow for update, if you have any queries please contact us via chat or email 





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