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What is Media Bookings Exchange?

Media Bookings Exchange (MBX) is a service which, integrates Adsend with PADN in the UK as well as other publishers, providing you with all bookings you have been sent by publishers connected directly or indirectly to MBX.

How do I use it?

You would need to have an Adsend account and subscribe to Media Booking Exchange service. Simply login to your account and under Setup, choose Booking services and click Subscribe.


Why do I need to subscribe to the service?

Publishers need to be able to assign the relevant booking orders to you, and for that, they would need to know your company name, name, and email address so they can link their records to your account for future bookings.

The subscription allows you to receive all future bookings (up to 6 months in advance) as soon as the bookings get confirmed by the publishers. Upon subscription, the service would gather your booking orders and present them in one consolidated view on a periodically basis.

How soon can I get my booking orders visible within Adsend? 

As soon as you subscribe and as soon as the publishers assigned the orders to your account, the orders would start being visible under the My Bookings tab in Adsend.

The service will provide updates/cancellation and new bookings on a regular basis providing you with an up-to-date picture.

Can I unsubscribe?

Yes. This can happen at any time. Simply unsubscribe from Booking services under Setup.

Please note that once unsubscribed, you will no longer receive any new/update and cancellations from publishers via this service. Your existing booking orders would remain unaffected but could become out of date. 

It seems that I am missing one specific order, why is that?

When that happens, it would mean that the service has not gathered the latest update. You would need to come back after 10 minutes and refresh the view.

Alternatively, the publisher may have not assigned it to your account. You may need to call and provide to the publisher your details as appearing on the MBX setup screen.

I cannot find the corresponding booking number for the ad I want to deliver

If you cannot locate the right booking number corresponding to your ad that you would like to upload, you would need to seek advice with the publisher or alternatively reach out to support and we would assist by liaising with the publisher on your behalf.

Do I need to enter a valid booking number before proceeding with the delivery of my ad?

Publishers behind the PADN service in the UK would require a valid booking number before submitting the ad material. Therefore, you will have to locate the booking number under my bookings tab or get hold of the booking number from the publisher if not sure about it.

Other publishers integrated with MBX may also require a valid booking number. This will become a norm soon and as such it is a good practise to source the corresponding booking number before delivering your ad to any of the publication.

When I enter the booking number in create job screen or file report page, it rejects it. Why?

The booking number entered needs to be validated against the booking received via MBX. Please check confirmation from publisher that the booking number is the correct one for the title targeted.  Alternatively, please reach support using the standard support channels.

Why can't I see booking orders from other publishers?

Only publishers integrated with MBX service can share the booking orders to you. Since MBX is integrated with PADN, publishers using PADN can share booking orders. Over time other publishers will become integrated with the service and therefore more booking orders will be made available.

Currently it is possible for you to ingest a media plan using Media Booking Sheet from XR to get a consolidate view of all your bookings. if you need further information, please reach support.

How much does it cost? 

XR is always looking at ways to improve its service and providing benefits to all its clients, thus MBX service is available to all registered users at no extra charge.

Additional charges apply when production workflows and Media Booking Sheet are used for enhanced campaign management functionality.

Please do not forget to subscribe to the service to start seeing your booking orders appearing in the My Bookings tab.


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