Adspec Lookup : How to find a publication spec

From the Adsend Dashboard you can now use Adspec lookup for searching  any publication specification and create a delivery ticket directly by selecting your size.



To search the publication first select the region e.g UK, by clicking on the flag and choosing the relevant option from the dropdown list. Then search either by title or publication code. Once you’ve found the one you are looking for simply click on it.

Spec View

 At the top you can see the contact details for that publication.  Clicking more contacts will reveal any additional contact details the publisher may have. Underneath you’ll see the different sections of the publication.Click the + icon by the relevant section to open it to see all the mechanical specs that your file will need to conform to including the colour information.


You can expand all sections at once by simply clicking the Open all button. To close the sections, click close all button. Alternatively click on the section of interest to expand that section only.

The Send ad button showing on the section bar will only be enabled when the section is expanded and the size information entered.

Picture3.pngDepending on the publication for some sections you can specify the size. E.g The Guardian UKGDN allows you to customise the depth and width of a fireplace.

You can also see additional colour information by clicking More Info.

Sending a file

From the relevant section for your Ad you can simply click sendAd.png. This will create a delivery ticket for that publication and section, including the width information if you customised this in the section.

Then the only thing you would need to do is to complete the form with campaign information and attach your ad. That is it.


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