How do I tell if the Ink-Weight is too high?

There are a few ways to do this. In Adobe InDesign:

  1. Ensure you have your file open.
  2. Click on the Window drop down menu.
  3. Select Output, then Separations Preview.
  4. Under the drop-down for View in the Separations Preview pane, select Ink Limit to view the ink weight for each colour, as well as the total ink weight.
  5. Check the ink weight against the specifications of the publication you are sending to.

This applies if you are using Acrobat Professional.

  1. Double click on the PDF which you have uploaded to Adsend.
  2. Go to Advanced menu / Print Production / Output Preview.
  3. Select the ‘Total Area Coverage’ tick box.
  4. Select the ink weight limit (e.g. 230% or 240%, it will be stated on your ‘File report’ under the ‘TAC - Over Ink weight’ Subheading).
  5. The areas highlighted in bright green are over ink weight.

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