The delivery, management and measurement of your TV campaigns is mission-critical for your brand. As the industry leader, ER’s cloud platform helps over 10,000 advertisers and agencies connect and simplify their advertising everywhere.

Smarter Execution of TV Campaigns

ER’s cloud platform was built to create a faster, more reliable path to TV everywhere. Unlike competitors, our digital network connects directly to both post-production houses and nearly every single TV media destination in North America. And because ads are delivered digitally from your own secure ad cloud, creative stays safe and always looks pristine.

Reliable and Innovative Technology

Advanced technology combined with the flexibility, redundancy and scalability of the cloud ensures nearly 100% uptime with limitless advertising capacity and volume.

Our transparent trafficking process offers verification of every delivery and even shows proof of airing. In addition, ER is the only tech provider for TV ad delivery to auto-encode the Nielsen Commercial Watermark at no charge, and our integration with Mediaocean allows for automatic transmission of media and traffic data between platforms, reducing manual data entry and potential for errors.

Comprehensive Digital Asset Management

Customers benefit from immediate, secure access to all advertising assets along with a suite of tools for quality and content review. Your permissions-based ad cloud features:

  • Centralized access to creative assets
  • Center-Cut Safe Viewer
  • Broadcast-quality masters
  • Closed Captioning Viewer
  • Proxy ad viewing
  • Usage history
  • Storyboards & summary info
  • Production and QC reports
  • Talent & Rights contracts*
  • Talent & Rights Expiration Calendar*

*Talent related capabilities available if ER handles Talent & Rights management.

World Class Customer Service

We’ve hand-selected our Sales and Account Managers, Operations team and even our Software Developers based on their experience and reputation. Dedicated, on-shore support proactively looks after your account, your ads and your campaigns with an expert eye. No guesswork, just answers.

All-in-One Platform

ER’s cloud platform was purposefully built for creative asset workflow efficiency. From a single login, you can deliver video ads to linear TV, OTT, CTV and all digital platforms. It’s the same, 1-2-3 streamlined process for every screen. You can quickly deliver, rotate, pull or change any ad creative in a matter of minutes.

For world class customer service, control, reliability and streamlined ad distribution, no one can do what we can. Extreme Reach is the new way creative gets everywhere.

Fully integrated options

  • Digital video ad serving and measurement
  • Radio ad delivery
  • Talent & Rights management


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