XR Case Study (Increase Scalability with XR campaign API)

Increase Scalability with XR Extreme Reach Campaign API



A forward thinking, innovative media agency has worked with XR Extreme Reach over several years, relying on XR’s comprehensive delivery network for broadcast television.

In order to reach consumers wherever they choose to view content, this media agency (Agency) has naturally moved to digital media, with tremendous emphasis on Connected TV. The Agency is fortunate to manage media campaigns for hundreds of different advertisers resulting in a dizzying number of concurrent ad campaigns...into the thousands. It’s not difficult to imagine the amount of work that goes into the creation and execution of those campaigns.

Since the Agency already worked with XR’s platform for distribution of their broadcast assets, using XR for ad serving was an easy decision. The fact that such a large number of brand video assets were already managed in by XR was a huge benefit. Getting all of those campaigns launched in a timely manner however, was still a challenge and the Agency needed a way to manage the campaign load as efficiently as possible.

To provide a competitive edge for their portfolio of brands, the Agency also performs extensive optimizations based on creative performance and executes a myriad of creative swaps. Multiply that across a thousand campaigns and well, you get the picture.



XR has an expert team of in-house digital video account managers, with some of the fastest turn-around times in the industry.

But to truly super-serve our customers, nothing beats the speed and immediacy of machines talking directly to each other without human intervention. XR built out a Campaign API to enable the Agency’s campaign management system to communicate directly with the XR ad server. Further, XR established a means to automatically push ad server data back to the Agency, where their platform automatically and algorithmically makes the necessary campaign adjustments that are then sent back to XR via the API. This exchange between the companies’ systems makes for a touchless campaign activation and optimization experience.



What previously took days to accomplish, is now completed in minutes.

What was once labor intensive, involving many people, is now completely automated Creative and media. Optimizations are happening at a much quicker pace which allows the Agency’s brand partners to drive more and better results. This automation has also enabled the Agency to scale their business to levels they’d only dreamt of prior to the creation of the API with XR.

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