XR Case Study (Exterminating Bots, Spiders and other crawlers)

Exterminating Bots, Spiders and Other Crawlers

How One Retailer Cut General Invalid Traffic to Almost Zero

Here at XR Extreme Reach, we strive to make your job easier and help ensure things run smoothly. When it comes to digital video campaigns, invalid traffic can often stand in the way. Our goal is to fix that so you can be assured you’re getting the most out of your campaign investments.

Hyper Quality Control

According to an IAB and Ernst & Young report, General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) costs the US digital marketing, advertising and media industry around $4.6 billion every year. But that’s no longer an issue for one of ER’s large retail clients.

In August 2018, our Digital Media Relations team uncovered a large number of impressions being filtered out due to high frequency GIVT, nearly 16% in fact. After doing a deep dive into the data, the team was able to locate two domains that were generating the majority of the GIVT, and immediately alerted both the client and publisher. Even though the publisher’s analytics vendor did not show the same level of suspicious traffic, they removed the offending domains from the white list as a precaution. The result? GIVT for the campaign dropped to below 1% within weeks!

With much of the industry still dealing with “black box” issues, advertisers need assurance their ads aren’t being served to invalid sources. Our experts can help.

XR employs the same level of quality control for digital clients that has paved the way for our TV customer's success for over a decade.





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