Payroll Processing Guidelines

Before submitting payroll, please review our payroll processing guidelines:

XR Extreme Reach’s payroll processing guidelines are as follows:

Payroll received Monday and up to 11:00 am on Tuesday will be processed and receive an edit for review at approximately 11:00 am on Wednesday (or earlier!). Checks will be available on Thursday. Check processing times will vary based on when we receive invoice approvals and or edit changes.

Note: The above are guidelines only. Once your project is assigned to a payroll coordinator you can discuss processing times that work best for your production based on the volume of payroll.

Please be advised that the above processing times begin once all completed paperwork has been received. This includes completed and approved start paperwork and time cards. All straggler payroll submitted outside of the above processing times will be put on a separate edit/Invoice and will be treated on a first-in, first-out basis. Please see below for a complete list of requirements before submitting payroll.

Note: Our Direct Deposit deadline is 4:00 pm PST Monday – Friday in order for crew to receive funds on the next business day. 

Time Cards

  • All timecards must provide complete name/last name and SS# as well as title and dates noted and hourly rates (for non-exempt employees) and must have in/out times and meal times noted or daily rates (for exempt employees only).
  • W4 and I9 must be provided and filled out, reminder I-9 must be signed by someone on your team to confirm it has been reviewed.
  • If any employee wishes to be paid under their loan-out or corporation, the employee must provide a completed W-9, I9, and Articles of Incorporation in order to be processed as such. Click here for additional info on LLC and other types of entities. 
  • If any allowance/reimbursements are being paid such as Kit or Mileage, a backup form must also be provided. 

Should you have any questions or issues please reach out to

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