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How Do I Reprint Checks?
  1. On the toolbar, click on HTG > Remote Check Printing.
  2. In the Remote Check Printing screen, click on the button for History.
  3. You can find the invoice that you need to reprint and then select it by placing a checkmark next to it.
  4. Click on the button Reprint Selected Files.
  5. The checks will generate in a new tab in your browser for you to print.

Please note that you cannot reprint an invoice if it’s already been reprinted at least two times and/or older than three days. If you are unable to reprint, please contact:


How Do I Add A New Project?
  1. On the toolbar, click on Maintenance > Maintain Projects.
  2. Enter a Project Name and Description.
  3. Choose a Project Type from the drop down menu.
  4. Choose a Default Work Location which is typically the main location of the project.
  5. If you need to assign approvers to the project or enable sets, free fields, etc. click on Additional Options to set those up.
  6. Click Add. The project will now be available to use in the system.


How Do I Update a Job Title and/or Rate?
  1. From the Dashboard, click on Maintain Employee Starts.
  2. Select the Project and employee in the Name drop down menu then click View.
  3. Scroll down to the Classification / Job Title Section.
  4. Please note that if the job title already exists on a processed timecard for the employee you will not be able to remove it from this section.
  5. If the job title does not exist on a processed timecard, change the existing classification (if needed) and job title to the new one. Change the rate if necessary.
  6. Once done, click Modify/Save to save these changes.
  7. If the job title does exist on a processed timecard for the employee, add the new job title to the exiting list and set the rate. You can use the arrow buttons to the left of this section to set this new job title to be the default on the timecard (first one listed in order).
  8. Once done, click Modify/Save to save these changes.


How Do I Reset A Password?
  1. On the toolbar, click on Maintenance > Maintain Users
  2. Select the User ID which is typically the first initial of the first name, followed by last name.
  3. Once the User ID is select, click on the button for Send Password Reset Link.
  4. A system-generated e-mail will be sent containing a link to reset the password.
  5. Please note that if the user has never logged in, you will not be able to send them a password reset since they have not yet created their account. In this instance, you will need to click on the Send New Account Registration Link button to send the user an e-mail containing a link that will allow them to create their account.


How Do I Split Timecards From A Batch?
  1. Click to HTG Batch Management > Merge/Split Batches
  2. Select the Project Name and Period Ending date, then click View Batches to see all batches available
  3. Click on the Detail button of the batch you want to split to expand it
  4. Select the timecards you want to split out of the batch by clicking the check box next to them
  5. In the Batch drop down menu select “New Batch” then give it a description although that is optional
  6. Click Merge/Split

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