Linx How-To Videos

Helpful videos that guide you through the ins-and-outs of our suite of software tools.

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Employee/Crew Self-Help Videos

How to Enter Times on a
Mobile Device (1:25)

How to Enter Times on
the Desktop (1:32)



How to Fill Out Digital
Start Paperwork (1:50)



Linx How-To Videos

How to Onboard a
Crew Member (3:40)

How to Verify and
Complete the I-9 (1:31)



How to Review and
Approve Timecards (1:46)

How to Run Edits
and Reports (2:25)



How to Retrieve and Download Crew
Start Paperwork (1:14)

How to Retrieve and
Download Crew Timecards (1:49)



How to Grant Access to
Additional Crew Members (1:16)

How to Print Checks via
Remote Check Printing (1:44)



How to Send Account Registration and
Password Reset Links (:50)





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