NA Radio Specifications

XR provides multiple solutions for uploading creative assets to your account. Whether you choose to upload assets via our Media Uploader Application or through the XR platform, all files must meet the specifications in this document before they can be accepted.


File Naming

The file name should be the Ad Code with the file extension at the end (ABCD12340000.mp3, ABCD12340000.wav).

  • File names can only contain letters and numbers. No special characters or spaces.
  • Keep file names to 12 characters or fewer to avoid potential rejections.

Content Layout

If a slate is included, there must be at least 2 seconds of silence between the slate and the spot.

Audio File Specifications

File Configurations
Format MP3 Waveform Audio
Bite Rate 192 kbps Uncompressed
Sample Rate 44.1 KHz 48.0 KHz
Bits/Sample N/A 16 bits
Audio Channels 2 Channel Stereo


Audio Levels
Integrated Loudness (I) - 16 LUFS
True Peak Level (dBTP) - 2 dBTP


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