Did you know that you can save yourself time and effort by using the XR platform to upload your final approval file to Clearcast? Follow the steps below to get started.


Step 1: Allocate Extreme Reach as an uploader (to be done once per team)

  1. Login to the Clearcast Library https://library.clearcast.co.uk/
  2. Click on  Teams  in the left hand menu
  3. Click on a team name
  4. Go to Collaborating Teams → Add new team
  5. Choose the option to invite a team by a team code
  6. Copy and paste the below code:


  1. Assign the role of Uploader and click Create


You have now connected your Clearcast Team with XR!

Step 2: Sending your Broadcast Master(s) to Clearcast (free of charge!)

If you would like to send your file(s) to broadcasters and Clearcast simultaneously…

  1. Place an order, selecting the Clearcast Library or Clearcast Library (Longform) alongside the broadcaster destinations 
  2. Upload your file(s) as normal
  3. Files will deliver to Clearcast as soon as they have passed manual QC and been ingested onto the Extreme Reach platform

Important note!

If you choose this option and your masters are rejected by Clearcast for non-technical reasons, then you will need to place a new order with revised clock numbers. Your original order will remain chargeable. 

If you would like to send your file(s) to Clearcast prior to distribution…

  1. Place an order for the Clearcast Library or Clearcast Library (Longform) destination (do not select any broadcaster destinations!)
  2. You can then either wait for Clearcast approval before placing a delivery order OR go ahead and place your delivery order but ensure that you’ve toggled the ‘Hold for approval’ button:

  1. Upload your file(s) as normal
  2. Once you have Clearcast approval you can either place your delivery order or release your previously placed order via the platform

Do you need help with clearance or regulatory compliance?

XR's Campaign Services teams can assist you! Please reach out to your local team for more information, additional fees apply.

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