How do I access the publisher portal?

The portal is provided for free by the publisher as a means to receive your ad materials for any of the publisher's titles. The publisher sends you an email with the details of the booking order to be fulfilled along with a link to the portal allowing you to upload your ad.

Why can't I just send the ad via email?

The publisher does not accept ads received via emails as they may not conform with their requirements. Using the portal provides reassurance for you and the publisher that the ad is ready for print. It also gives the ability to track your ad every step of the way from submitted, to delivered and accepted by publishers.

Do I need to use the publisher portal or is there any other way to send my ads?

The portal is provided free of charge and has limited functionality. You may prefer to use other delivery services like Adsend by Adstream or any other services supported by the publisher giving you greater management functionality and control. Unlike the portal, other delivery services are not free as they may provide a richer set of functionality allowing you to send to many publishers.

Do I need to register an account?

No, the portal does not require you to register an account. You will need to supply your contact details each time you upload an ad, but you can have the system save your details to avoid entering your details each time.

How do I select my publication?

You can either select it from the media gallery (thumbnail view) if available or simply enter the publication in the destination field in the delivery form. The portal will show all matching titles against the keyword provided.

Why does the form change my size selection when I validate my booking?

By entering the title and booking number, the portal will validate against the matching order and reset the form to match the details it has on record. This means that the booking number entered corresponds to a different size. You can contact the publisher to seek advice if you are in doubt.

Why is the booking number I’ve received from the publisher not validated?

This can happen if it is a last-minute booking or a late booking update and the booking has not been published yet.

In this case simply proceed with the delivery by filling the remaining fields and the publisher will be able to reconcile your ad with the booking order provided. 

Can I send an ad without booking number?

No, you will need to enter a booking number when filling the form prior to submitting your ad. The booking number will need to be validated against the publisher booking order. Once validated, the form will auto-populate the booking order information associated to the booking. However, if the booking is not found, you will still be able to proceed with your delivery and the publisher may come back to you to check the order.

When is the ad delivered to publication?

Once submitted from the portal, the ad is automatically checked against the order and title specification making sure it conforms to the publisher requirements. You will receive an email notification containing a link allowing you to review the status of your ad at any time. Once you have reviewed the file report and approved the ad you can then send it. It is only once it is sent, that the publisher will receive the ad.

Why do I need to approve my ad before sending it?

The publisher requires you to confirm that the ad which has been uploaded and flight checked, still meets your expectation. Note that the ad may have been optimised to conform with the publisher requirements. It provides you a final check making sure all is in order prior to delivery.

How can I see the ads previously sent?

The only way to access ads sent in the past is by checking the emails you have received following the ad submission. Please note the links provided do expire when the issue date is past.

Should you need to access previous ads delivered, you will need to use other delivery service giving you the campaign management type of functionality.

My ad fails quality control. What can I do?

In this case you have 2 options available to you:

  • Replace by uploading a new ad with reported issues fixed
  • Request a fix by sending your ad to the publisher for production to fix the issue for you. In this case you will get the opportunity to upload your native file along with associated graphics elements allowing the publisher to finalise your ad to make it print ready.

My ad has “Preflight warnings” status? What shall I do?

In this case you are asked to review the file report and any issues raised. There are only warnings raised that could potentially impact the way your ad will be reproduced on paper. So, it is important for you to check each warning making sure that the ad shown is correct including its size. Once you have reviewed the report you can decide to proceed with the delivery by clicking approve and send. Alternatively, you can address the warnings by uploading a replacement ad taking into account the solution presented to you.

How long does it take for my ad to go through quality control?

This should be a fairly quick process and could take anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the complexity of your ad.

The status is not changing and the timeline is not progressing.

If you follow the link provided containing the tracker id associated to your booking, you will be able to access the timeline from the portal. The timeline shows all the stages your ad is going through. Click refresh to get up to date status.

What do the various status means?

  • Submitted: the ad has been successfully uploaded
  • Registering: the ad is being registered ready for processing
  • Testing: the ad is currently being quality controlled
  • Failed Preflight: quality controlled failed and the file report show errors
  • Preflight warning: quality control has passed but shows warning requiring your attention
  • Quality Control Passed: the ad is ready for delivery
  • Sent: the ad has been sent to the publisher
  • Received: The ad has been successfully received
  • Accepted: the ad has been pushed to publisher internal system successfully
  • Rejected: the publisher has rejected the ad

How do I download the ad?

If you need to review your ad prior to delivering you can simply click the View PDF button to download the ad. Depending on your browser, the ad may be displayed directly within the browser window under a new tab. Simply then click the download button.

What is advance report?

You can review the file report or alternatively view the advance report detailing all areas of concern in the PDF.

What does it mean to view the Job ticket?

This provides you with job information along with a preview of your ads in a single formatted PDF. The job ticket can be saved as reference.

I have submitted the ad but not receive any email notification.

Upon successful upload, an email is sent confirming that the uploaded ad is processing. Check your spam email and make sure the email you provided is correct.

Alternatively, you can contact our support team.

Upon upload, you can download the receipt confirmation providing a summary of your delivery ticket. You can provide the reference number as it will help support to troubleshoot the issue.

Why do I need to agree the terms each time I upload an ad?

The portal is provided free of charge and does not require registration. For each upload you are asked to agree the terms. These terms cover you, the publisher and provider. You are asked to confirm that the email entered is correct as this will be used for email notifications.

Clicking submit does not do anything, what can I do?

Check that all the mandatory fields are populated and that the booking number is checked. When clicking on submit, a message should appear at the bottom left corner alerting you to any possible problem.

When I drop my ad on the drop area it does not do anything?

This happens if the file dropped is not the format expected (PDF) or it is too large. There is a limit on file size 100Mb for PDF and 1Gb for a native file. Try to upload a different file. If the issue persists, please contact our support team who can check for you.

Why can’t I drop multiple files?

The form will only allow you to upload a single PDF against a booking order. If you need to drop a DPS ad made of 2 single files (left and right), simply use the same booking number and name your pdf accordingly. It is also advised that you add a special instruction providing further details to the publisher.

Why can’t I upload one ad for multiple publications?

Same reason as for multiple files, a booking order specifies one ad for one given publication. You will have to re upload the same ad selecting a different title and booking order.

When I request fixing, should I supply my native document and associated graphics?

If your ad fails quality control, you can request the publisher to fix the ad for you. In this scenario you will be able to drop multiple files. It is advised to provide the original file along with associated graphics so that the publisher can finalise your ad for press.

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