Full-service management across all broadcast trafficking needs.

Our dedicated Traffic team works together with creative and media agencies, talent departments, XR’s own Talent and Clearance teams, and all TV and Radio destinations receiving traffic instructions, for a truly seamless workflow. Traffic Managers can also work with the uploader / post house to ensure they understand the uploading process and have the necessary access to our platform, SourceXR.

Lean on ER’s dedicated traffic management and expertise for seamless and efficient workflow. 

Contact our team traffic@extremereach.com 


Additional Highlights

  • Work with brand and media teams to ensure we have the latest creative and media plan
  • Generate traffic instructions, deliver creative, and confirm stations have key flight information
  • Coordinate all materials with destinations prior to air
  • Provide talent usage details for timely and accurate payments
  • Manage all revisions and inquiries throughout the flight 
  • Pull Ad-ID codes / clocks / keys / flight codes / PUB IDs
  • Provide traffic estimates for approval
  • World-class customer service, including coverage for agencies and other external teams


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