As the world’s largest TV ad delivery network, we send spots to over 10,000 media destinations. Our high quality, cloud-based technology delivers spots in your preferred file format, using AWS S3 Delivery, Aspera, our Media Downloader Application (MDA), your FTP server or the Extreme Reach web-based platform.

Getting Started

If you’re not already receiving spots from Extreme Reach, simply contact the Video Network team at or 800.958.0066 to get started.


Receive automatic notifications when new spots are available through Extreme Reach (example below). If someone else on your team needs to receive spot delivery notifications, we can add as many additional recipients as you like. Just contact us at or 800.324.5672.


Downloading Spots

  1. Find new spots by going to Spot Deliveries within your Extreme Reach account.
  2. To view a low-res proxy of the spot, click on the Preview Proxy icon for that spot in the Actions column.
  3. To download the broadcast version of the spot in your preferred format, simply click on the Download icon in the Actions column. If you are set up to use one of the download options, the file will deliver to your download folder automatically.



Any questions?

Contact us at or 800.324.5672 for a more personal discussion regarding your workflow and needs.


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