Our high quality, cloud-based technology delivers content automatically using AWS S3, Aspera, our Media Downloader Application (MDA), or your FTP/SFTP server. You can also download content manually from the XR platform.


If you’re using AWS (Amazon Web Services), we can push content from our S3 bucket directly to your S3 bucket.

Requirements: Bucket name (and subfolders, if applicable), access to our role and PutObject and ListObject permissions or provide access key and secret key.


If you’re using Aspera, we can push content to your Aspera server (does not require an Aspera Connect license).

Requirements: Address (IP or URL), username, and password or SSH Key (and subfolders, if applicable).


The MDA is a lightweight Java-based application that runs as a service on a Windows or Mac computer. It checks in every 60 seconds, authenticates and pulls content to local or network folders.

Requirements: Windows or Mac computer, and download folders.


If you prefer FTP/SFTP, we can push content to your server.

Requirements: Address (IP or URL), username, and password (and subfolders, if applicable).


Any questions?

Contact us at support@extremereach.com or 800.324.5672 for a more personal discussion regarding your workflow and needs.


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