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We want your digital video campaigns to be wildly successful—not only for you, our client, but also for the media partners on your plan. Everyone measures success differently though, so it’s important to set expectations first. To increase transparency and ensure your campaign goes smoothly, please read our keys to successful campaigns for advertisers below.

Working with XR Extreme Reach offers digital video ad serving and measurement, viewability and talent & rights compliance. We provide extensive reporting and access to a comprehensive, real-time dashboard to track campaign performance. If you have any questions about any of these areas, please ask us now.

Communicating with Publishers

If you have introduced XR to the publishers on your plan, great! Thanks for doing that. Make sure that you’ve clearly communicated the role XR will play as your technology partner. Are we only ad serving? Are we tracking viewability? We strongly encourage you to review the terms on your I/O, ensuring the publishers know:

  • Which ad server will be ‘billable’
  • Whether small player sizes are a concern
  • If frequency caps have been discussed
  • Should viewability be a factor

Please let your media partners know exactly what will be measured.

Know What You’re Buying

We highly recommend that you work closely with your publishers so you know exactly what you’re paying for:

  • Inquire in regard to the presence of purchased traffic arrangements on your publishers site(s)
  • Know if the inventory you’re buying is Auto-Play or Click-toPlay, Auto-Refresh, Continuous Play, Forced Duration, Begin-to-Render or not, or if it includes SSAI (server side ad insertion)

Not sure if these apply to you? XR allows publishers to self-report AutoPlay, Click-to-Play, Auto-Refresh and Continuous Play placements and if they measure Impressions using the Begin-to-Render methodology. We are now able to report on these ads within our report tool. Want to learn more? Ask your Account Manager for a Report Tool walkthrough!

Combating Invalid Traffic

XR follows the Media Rating Council’s (MRC) Invalid Traffic Detection and Filtration Guidelines Addendum to filter General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) from metric counts. We recommend that you use Net or valid counts in pacing conversations with your publishers. By setting expectations with publishers early, you can play a part in helping to reduce and/or eliminate invalid traffic from your campaign. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Be specific about where you do/do not wish for ads to be served. Instruct your publishers to stay away from foreign sites, torrent sites or sites with pirated content, explicit domains, incentivized viewing or anywhere you don’t want your brand to be seen.
  2. Review campaign performance early and often. This is very important for all parties so there is time to course correct if necessary and deliver in full now instead of granting make-goods later.


As an advertiser, you have access to our real-time dashboard, as well as customized, downloadable reports to monitor your campaign’s performance. Standard reports are based on Net Metrics (Filtered for GIVT Requirement) and Total Served Ads. Reports with Gross Metrics (Completely Unfiltered) and Video Impressions are also available.

Publishers may receive a variety of automated or self-serve reports to help them monitor their individual progress, and provide opportunities for optimization. We recommend approving this in advance in order for publishers to have the best possible chance for optimizing campaign performance.

Typical reports include: Delivery, Player Size, Viewability, PlayerSize, which are based on Net Metrics (Filtered for GIVT Requirement). General Invalid Traffic (GIVT) and Gross (Completely Unfiltered) reports are also available.

If you have any questions about these reports or wish to see examples, please let us know. Depending on the technology deployed (VAST, 1x1s), certain reports are not available. Additionally, any other custom reports may require the agency’s written approval.

GIVT filtration does not apply to YouTube data in XR reports or the dashboard since that activity is provided directly via Google Ads Data Hub (ADH) as first party data and is not tracked by XR.

We’re Here to Help

Like with any campaign, there are always a lot of moving parts and a ton of details. However, taking the additional step now to properly establish expectations will go a long way in mitigating challenges down the road. Remember that if you have any questions, our team is here to help.

Now, let’s have a great campaign!


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