MRC Digital Measurement Best Practices

MRC Digital Advertising


Given some of the difficult measurement changes as well as the overall complexity of the advertising environment and the myriad of practices employed by participants in the digital advertising ecosystem, certain best practices should be followed to support valid, reliable and effective measurement.

• Participation is Voluntary
–– Applicable to Media Seller Organizations
–– Applicable to Measurement Vendors
–– Applicable to Media Buy-Side Organizations, See Specific Section
• Foster Accuracy and Transparency in Measurement
–– Exercise Professional Care in Discharging Measurement Related Activities
–– Continuous Improvement Mind-Set
• Seek to Accredit Measurement Functions that Impact Monetization,
Use Accredited Products where Available
–– Comply with Applicable Industry Measurement Guidelines
–– If Accredited, also Comply with MRC Voluntary Code of Conduct (VCOC)
• Support IVT/Fraud Detection and Filtration Processes
–– MRC IVT Guidelines
–– TAG Activities
• Fostering Centralized Tools and Communication about Fraud, IVT, Piracy, Misappropriated Content
• Apply TAG Anti-Malware Principles

As seen in:
Appendix A of the Mobile Application Advertising Measurement Guidelines
Appendix B of the Mobile Web Advertising Measurement Guidelines
Appendix C of the Desktop Display Impression Measurement Guidelines


Measurement Interactions and Communication

• Transparency of Audience Extension Traffic Sourcing
–– Pass Information, Disclosure
• Transparency of Incentivized Browsing
–– Pass Information, Disclosure
• Collecting Measurement-Relevant Information
–– Pass Information, Disclosure
• Auto-Play Video
• Auto-Refresh
• Forced Duration Situations
• Detection and Response Techniques Employed for Ad-Blocking
• Facilitate and Use Back-Up Creative, when Original Creative Cannot be Served
–– Segregate and Disclose Frequency
• Responsible Use of Browser/Application Tools
–– Page Visibility API
–– Flash Throttle (specific data elements)
–– Use of MRAID, VPAID and VAST and version
–– Protecting Security of Measurement Communication -- Encryption, etc.
–– Pre-fetch and Pre-render Considerations
–– Cash Busting Techniques
• Minimize Piggy-Back Tagging
–– Reduce/Minimize Tagging-Related Latency
• Consideration of User Experience
–– Minimizing Intrusiveness
• Guard Rails Around Redirects, Page Takeover, Clutter
• Adopt Industry Infrastructure Standards, as Appropriate -- MRAID, VAST, VPAID, SafeFrame
• Adherence with Discrepancy Resolution and Communication Processes

Marketing with Best Digital Measurement Practices (applicable to media buy-side organizations)
• Encouraging Media Seller Partners and Measurement Vendors to Adhere to Best Practices
• Establishing Campaign Requirements that are Aligned with Best Practices

Compliance Representations
• Represent Compliance with this VCOC Accurately
• Escalation Process for Misrepresentation

Other Matters
• Responsibility for Updating of VCOC

Above referenced guidelines created by Interactive Advertising Bureau, Mobile Marketing Association and Media Rating Council.

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