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Office Information

Employees/Crew Members



Office Information

What are the office hours (California)?
9:00am to 5:00PM

What are your drop off and pick up times (California)?
9:00am to 5:00PM

Employees/Crew Members

Who can I speak with about getting my check reissued?
If you find that your check is incorrect, you must contact the production company. We require their approval and potentially, additional documentation.

How can I request a contract service letter to submit my hours?
Please use the link below to submit your request for a contract service letter.
Contract Services Letter request

How can I change my address that is on file?
Please click the link below to complete a change of address request form.
Change of Address form

I need to file an unemployment claim, what information do I need?
It’s important to know that all clients’ employees applying for unemployment benefits, list “XR Extreme Reach” as your “employer”, as we file all state unemployment returns and remittances under the payroll company’s name and number.

When will W-2’s or 1099’s be mailed out?
All W-2's and 1099’s were mailed out at the end of January. If you did not receive it at your current address, please see the two questions below to request a reprint.

How do I request a reprint of my W-2?
Please see the link below for instructions.
W-2 Request

How do I request a reprint of my 1099?
Please see the link below for instructions.
Get your 1099 Form

Who do I speak with if there is a garnishment on my check?

I don’t see my hours posted to my union, who do I speak to?
Please reach out to our Labor Relations department for assistance with any union questions, hours or contributions.



Who do I contact to set up a project?

What are your payroll turnaround times?
XR Extreme Reach has a 48 hour turnaround policy.

What type of Loan Out Companies will XR pay?

  • The company must be active and currently registered. Status will be confirmed by a check of the Secretary of State website of the state where the company was organized (created).
  • The company must have only a single owner.
    The single owner must own all shares of the company.
  • The engagement agreement must be with the loan-out company for services of the performer and not the individual performer.
  • XR will only pay the company for the services of that single owner.
    Loan out company is an S-Corp or C-Corp.
  • LLC Loan Outs can be paid if is a Single Member LLC and they have the Acceptance Letter from the IRS for Form 8832, approving the “S” or “C” corporation election status, or The Acceptance Letter from the IRS for Form 2553, electing to be treated as an “S” Corporation.

Where do I send my union agreements?
Labor Relations

Who can help me with my IATSE and DGA Deposits?
Labor Relations

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