XR News & Highlights, Q1 2024 (Publisher Edition)


XR News & Highlights, Q1 2024

In January, we officially launched our new brand, XR Extreme Reach. XR is still the same company trusted to deliver content to any screen, anywhere in the world, and we are excited to share new innovation with our partners in 2024!

Get a quick look at the new XR – where content, media and intelligence come together in  a single platform to make creative the new KPI.


Accessibility for All
Supporting the creative economy with inclusive content is incredibly important to XR’s mission. That’s why we are committed to delivering solutions that unite accessibility with advertising for all media platforms. 

As Global Accessibility Awareness Day approaches next month, we invite you to participate in a quick 3-question survey about your accessibility capabilities.  

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XR's Super Bowl Inclusivity Scorecard
For more than a decade, XR has continued to play a critical role in the Big Game, supporting many stages of the creative lifecycle, from managing talent and rights, to clearance, quality control, traffic, and ad delivery. ‍This year, XR’s AI-driven platform measured the inclusivity of in-game ads and provided benchmarks comparing them to the wider industry.  


View the Insights


Deeper Visibility into Google Ads Data Hub (ADH)
We’ve expanded our metrics to better align ADH and XR data and reporting, and give customers more insight into the YouTube traffic on their campaigns. Reporting enhancements include:

  • Viewability metrics
  • Hourly reporting for better time zone support
  • Breakdown by platform type e.g., Desktop, CTV, mobile web (previously all ADH data was listed as one platform/device). To view, simply add the 'Source' metric to your platform delivery reporting. Currently, XR includes the tablet platform as part of ADH reporting. However, starting April 17th tablet traffic will be reported in mobile web or mobile app platforms.​​​​​​
Platform Source Total Served Ads
ConnectedTV Google ADH 589,437
Desktop Extreme Reach 1,109,298
Desktop Google ADH 737,145
Mobile App Google ADH 2,015,096
Mobile Web Extreme Reach 602,478

Sunsetting VPAID
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) stopped their support of VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) in 2017. XR is following their lead and will no longer support or provide VPAID tags. All viewability and measurability metrics are now collected via OMID (Open Measurement Interface Definition) and OMSDK (Open Measurement Software Development Kit). This change will not impact any publishers.


At NAB? Hang with us! Fred Cunha, VP, Connectivity and Jaime Polster, Connectivity Director, are at the show until Wednesday. Let's connect.


DigOps + Video Network = Connectivity NA
The former Digital Operations (DigOps) and Video Network teams in North America have merged into one Connectivity NA team to handle TV, radio, ad serving, and API integrations (connectivity.na@extremereach.com).

Need help?
Easily access quick, helpful walk-throughs on a variety of subjects via the Help Center or by using the Help button, located in the bottom right corner of the platform. 

Updating XR platform users?
Check your account to make sure your users are up to date
  1. Go to Administration > Users
  2. Search by name or email, or sort by any of the field
New specs for 2024?
If you have new specs, please share them with us at connectivity.na@extremereach.com to continue receiving the high quality files you expect from XR.

Email tip
When emailing your XR Rep, cc connectivity.na@extremereach.com to ensure a speedy turnaround. Outside of Monday - Friday from 9 AM ET to 9 PM ET, please include support@extremereach.com.

Thank you,
The Connectivity NA Team

Fred Cunha
Vice President, Connectivity

In February, Fred Cunha, VP, Connectivity at XR Extreme Reach, was on-site with CBS the week leading up to Super Bowl LVIII, ensuring the TV ads seen by millions, aired perfectly. Now in his 28th year with XR, Fred manages the Connectivity team in North America, working closely with broadcasters and publishers to ensure that creative effectively and efficiently reaches their audiences, in any format and device. 

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